They say planning is crucial in hitting your goals. A plan helps guide people’s actions. It improves their resource utilisation and sets their performance standards. Planning also provides motivation and encourages everyone’s commitment to the objective. This thinking should also apply to brands that want to make it big on their digital platforms. 

If companies want their business to reach greater heights online, they should always have a plan. That plan does not only refer to big business plans. Even their online presence should follow a well-thought-out plan.

Content Planning: Why Is It Necessary?

It is common knowledge how important producing content is online. The more relevant and quality the content you create, the more people will feel your impact. However, creating different content to produce on various platforms is never easy. 

To continuously create great content for your audience, you need a solid content plan to guide you throughout content production.

Understanding Content Production

The online world offers different kinds of content. It could range from blog posts, videos, photos, infographics, white papers, ebooks, and more others—anything you present to their audience for their consumption and information. The process of developing and creating those visual and text assets is what you call content production. 

Before diving deeper into the content creation process, we’ll introduce you to the three classifications of content you can produce. They differ based on their purpose and how people perceive and consume them. By knowing these types, you can plan out a better way to start your content plan.

The Cornerstone Content

Cornerstone content refers to the materials found on your website that speak about your company. By seeing this content, your site visitors will better understand what your company is about, what kinds of services and products you offer, and gauge your authority in the industry.

In simple terms, the cornerstone content acts as the core content found on your site that consists of the most important pages and posts you want to rank on top of the search engines. 

Make sure that content under this category is free and easily accessible to people. You can use them to leave a positive impression on your brand and company.

The Gated Content

Gated content refers to any online content that people can only access if they complete a form, provide you with the information you request, or do an action you ask for (such as subscribing to the website or following their social pages). 

Companies provide this type of content to get the action or information they need from people, which they can use to deepen their connection with their followers later. Although the company benefits from this type of content, people are less likely to access it, as not everyone is interested in time-consuming tasks like filling out forms.

Ungated content functions the same. People who want to download the content need to fill out a form or submit an action. However, it is not mandatory. Because of this, his content gets more downloads than the typical gated content.

The Evolving Content

You produce evolving content if you create a series of content regarding one topic or produce similar content regularly. Every goal for each content you make also changes as the brand messaging develops. 

Releasing a video series with multiple episodes or related articles are some examples of evolving content. This type of content tries to cater to people’s growing and changing needs while still making the brand relevant.


By knowing what your brand’s goal is and connecting it with the kind of purpose you want your brand to be to people, you can develop a content plan that would deliver. Try to explore producing these types of content and see which your audience would love best. Make sure not to forget that all of your content should still be relevant and beneficial to your audience and your brand.

Content production may seem easy at first but can be complicated as you progress. If you are not yet accustomed to how marketing works, seek help from a reliable digital marketing agency in Sydney. Kiin Agency specialises in guiding startups to navigate the online marketing world. Allow us to help your company in content creation and more. Contact us to learn how we can help.