You may have heard of UX strategy or design if you are looking into your business’s app or web development. Given the shorter attention span of users and the endless number of apps and websites that compete for this attention, UX strategy is crucial to the success of your app or website.

UX design is short for user experience, which is crucial to creating your digital product. This is the digital product design created to be easy to navigate for your consumers.

UX strategy is the detailed plan to align your brand’s identity with your customer’s experience when using the product.

This article will run you through the fundamentals of creating a UX strategy.

The Four Tenets

An effective UX strategy aims to achieve the following tenets:

  • Business Strategy: The UX strategy should integrate the company’s guiding principles, revenue streams, and business objectives to set its goals and the methods to achieve these goals.
  • Value Innovation: Like any company, the app or website should offer something of value to the customers and lower the costs for the company at the same time.
  • User Research: Design cannot be created by assuming what your customers value. You will need direct input from your target users to see what they prefer. This helps you save time, money, and resources during website or mobile application development.
  • User Experience Design: Other than being of value to your customers, your digital product should be able to offer this value seamlessly. This allows users to focus on the key features of the products.

Why Is It Important?

With an effective UX strategy in place, your product team can focus on solving problems your target users encounter instead of floundering about what the purpose of your digital product is in the first place.

This also allows your executives to see the value of your digital product and align your business goals with the user needs and technological capabilities of your team.

You can also set your goals from the onset so you can see metrics of your success and if you are moving in the right direction.

Creating an Effective UX Strategy

Creating an effective UX strategy and design is a valuable skill that one learns through practice and application. To get you started, here are some steps when creating a UX strategy: 

  • Stakeholder Interviews: While your end goal is a quality user experience, you need to get the business side sorted out first. The decision-makers and company leaders need to get involved when planning your objectives, how you want the product to be positioned in the market, and how you measure the product’s success.
  • Competitive Research and Analysis: Your digital product needs a competitive advantage by offering a value that your competition doesn’t. You get this information from competitive research.
  • User Research: This feedback ensures that you design a product that people will want to use.
  • Running Experiments: Designing a digital product that your users love involves constant trial and error. You will have to test your product with real users and improve it through feedback.


UX strategy aims to offer the best user experience to your customers, but it also ensures that your team stays on track during the website or app development process. An effective UX strategy aligns everything from the business executives and crew to the consumers using your digital product.

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