We’re past the point of basic marketing in the digital space. The industry has already built its legs, so it’s time to break new ground and further cement brand ideals in a continuously populated space.

2022 Marketing Trends

Stay ahead of the curve by prepping for the marketing trends we are likely to see in 2022.

Content Will Still Be a Defining Key for Reaching Audiences

Even as various marketing channels grow and change form, it will all still hinge on your content production.

In the beginning, brands making the move to digital shifted content to secondary platforms. But it wasn’t long before they realised the importance of having a hard copy that potential customers could interact with and learn from.

Audiences need reliable and compelling content that differentiates one brand from another. More than anything, it is also a means to establish trust and credibility in a sea of dupes.

Analytics Will Be Make or Break

If you want to take full advantage of the digital world, you cannot be in the dark about your analytics. If you rely on a couple of key metrics alone, you’re doing yourself a disservice because the digital space is becoming increasingly nuanced, and it’s difficult to spot trends in a sea of data.

Your efforts and productivity will have challenges amounting to much if you aren’t basing your moves on in-depth analytics. Data breaks down what exactly works for your target audiences and what roads aren’t worth pursuing.

Video is the Prime Target for Marketing

All major digital media companies now produce video content. YouTube released YouTube Red, a subscription service to its video library, while Facebook heavily emphasised the video medium by altering its newsfeed algorithm to prioritise video streams.

Online video reaches more individuals in prime demographics than any cable network. So, invest in your video marketing and use it as an opportunity to engage with customers and effectively promote your brand.

Brands Must Adjust to New Social Media Habits

Mobile devices have become ubiquitous. The digital generation already prefers smartphones over desktop computers, so it’s time to get used to the way audiences use social media on the go.

Lean into short bursts of content and media that are easy to consume while scrolling and doing a bunch of other activities. You want to catch their attention and actually keep them engaged for just enough time for conversion.

Voice Search Will Continue to Grow

This interface in search engines is designed for quick, direct commands and responses. The ability to type is still essential, but it’s clear that the new generation is starting to rely on voice for a majority of their searches, which means voice search will continue to gain steam.

So, while web development and content creation will still be crucial for your search engine optimisation (SEO), you will want to put significant efforts into catering to voice searches.


As you can see, marketing trends are constantly evolving, and it’s important to pay attention to the landscape of your industry. While there is no surefire way to know what lies in store, you can keep your finger on the pulse by monitoring your target audience, creating fresh content, and implementing the digital trends that have already proven to be successful.

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