One-off print advertisements have given way to comprehensive multimedia experiences in marketing efforts. Now, a campaign has many potential ways to go wrong because there are more things to track across more channels.

Marketing experts learn from their past mistakes and rely on a few best practices to avoid making the same ones again.

Here are some campaign strategies that smart marketers use to guarantee success.

Build a Strong Campaign Brief

You need a new brief if your marketing campaign brief is ten pages long or a loose list of questions that you sort of respond to. Aim for concise briefs that describe campaign goals and the metrics you’ll use to gauge their success. 

It should also mention your target audience and any information you have on them. Include the important messages and creative requirements. Assign duties to each team member as well.

Consider Your Deadlines in Advance

Uncertain deadlines may result in work not being completed at all or in time being wasted attempting to figure it out. Additionally, it is difficult to ping colleagues for stuff you need continually. 

Your entire campaign could be ruined by missing a deadline at the start of a crucial stage. Then, it’s time to come up with a fresh strategy.

As much as possible, set deadlines for everything so everyone can organise their work around your campaign’s timeline. Even if everyone is aware of their deadlines, it may be challenging to bring them altogether if the data is dispersed. 

A comprehensive timeline is essential for everyone to comprehend how all the moving elements will interact.

Make Tactical Upgrades

Establish a specific time, location, and structure for exchanging updates rather than dispersing them among meetings, documents, emails, and other channels. Then you may make the most of meeting time for effective teamwork and strategies. 

If the updates are consistent, people will know where to go and won’t unintentionally miss or get looped into too many updates.

Establish a Launch Checklist

What occurs when the campaign is ultimately launched, but the email link is broken? Marketers avoid tragedy by conducting extensive checks before going live and making adjustments depending on results and feedback after launch.

Without a collaborative launch checklist, there is just no way for a team to remember every step and ensure it is completed.

Prepare a system for revisions after launch. You need a simple way for team members to view updated comments and campaign outcomes so they can make adjustments. 

To prevent campaign managers from becoming overloaded, centralise the management and prioritisation of learnings, bugs, and other requests.


A campaign’s impact can be understood, and future efforts can be made better by reflecting on past campaigns and their outcomes. 

If you don’t fully comprehend what you did in your campaign, you’ll have to start over the following time or run the risk of making the same errors. Create a dynamic campaign template instead.

Create a template for your campaign, and include every action, resource, and piece of work required for a successful launch. Your template will require less preparation and setup for subsequent campaigns the more detail you include in it. 

After each campaign, be careful to make changes depending on what you’ve learned and the outcomes.

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