The path to a successful content strategy in 2022 is paved with research, conversations, and a big commitment to creating a platform with the flexibility to measure and improve all content over time. However, the tactics you choose to do to reach this goal can vary.

Whether you assign your marketing team, partner with a third party, or hire an in-house content marketing team, creating your 2022 content strategy should be a top priority. It has to set the tone for how you engage with customers and prospects.

Strategies for Your 2022 Content Plan

Read on for particular concepts you should pay attention to in creating your content strategy this 2022.

Creating Your Own Native Mobile App

This year, the Internet of Things will continue to affect the mobile app industry, or apps as they are known today. As the mobile app market becomes increasingly more saturated, the apps that stand out will be the ones that auto-update with new content and increase the value of the app itself.

Creating a native mobile app is a simple but effective way to keep your audience engaged with your brand. Taking time to develop a native mobile app for your audience also allows for more flexibility in the content sharing capabilities of your app.

However, creating a native mobile app in 2022 will not be for every business. Small businesses that serve a niche audience with a relatively small target market may find it easier to use a third-party solution like Wapja. It is cheaper, easier to set up, and more scalable.

Diversifying Social Media

While Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram are all great social media channels to market to your audience, the future of social media will require more outlets for your audience to engage with you.

The ideal social media strategy for 2022 will include a variety of social media platforms that get your audience interacting with you beyond a simple like or follow.

In addition, you can engage your audience by sponsoring events that they can attend and learn more about your business and products.

Email Marketing

We are talking about email and digital marketing, not physical mail. Email practices have changed a lot over the past ten years, and the future of email marketing is even more promising.

Email marketing is the ideal channel for reaching your customers and prospects personally. Today, email marketing services like MailChimp, MailerLite, and ProsperWorks are blazing the trail for email marketing in 2022.

Nurturing your leads through an email drip campaign, tracking who opens your emails, and comparing emails against each other to identify which ones resonate most with customers is powerful stuff.

The more personal you can make the interaction, the more likely that customer will convert. Including social media shares, attaching files, and generating leads from your email campaigns is huge.


Creating a content strategy for 2022 will be crucial to the success of your business.

This year, ensure your company regularly engages in conversations with your customers and prospects. As you learn more about their interests, concerns, and desires, push your team to continue creating compelling content to convince them to return for more.

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