The positioning of the brand is a crucial part of the branding process. Businesses need to figure out how to place their business in the market to have the best chance of surviving and thriving. Positioning is the process of determining how consumers will perceive your brand in the marketplace compared to competitors or similar brands.

Brand Identity Archetypes

Listed below are some archetypes your brand can represent in front of your target demographic.

You Can Be a Leader

In any business category, the best position to secure is the leader. It’s also the most challenging position to hold. That’s because, as the leader, you’re always up against a brand that wants to depose you. However, many businesses would consider that a good problem.

Being the leader is preferable to being the brand chasing the leader. To be the category leader, you must be the first to enter the category and defeat your rivals. You can also depose the incumbent leader by providing more real or perceived value. Additionally, you can even claim to be the category leader if you can persuade enough others that you are.

Because the consumers’ perception is often reality, you must constantly remind your audience that your brand is the best of the best. If your digital marketing agency can coincide your marketing campaigns with your claim of category leadership, it can become a reality.

You Can Be a Rebel

Keep in mind that there is a subset of consumers unhappy with the pricing or presentation for every category leader. That’s why the contrarian or the opposition or the rebel viewpoint is a terrific one to take if you can’t become a leader. A rebel brand portrays itself as the polar opposite of its category’s leader.

The rebel challenges the leader and acknowledges that success is improbable. Being in this position is so alluring because if you stake your claim as the apparent antithesis of the leader, you may really become a leader of the opposing group by default.

You Can Be a Unique Gem

Another influential position for your business to carve out is to be so unique and niched that you feel like you’re on your own island. You’re a part of categories, but they’re so far out in the weeds that you don’t have to worry about others trying to take your place. An experienced and talented digital marketing agency can find this unique position for your brand.

You Can Be an Ally

This brand position is next to a much larger brand and assists it while feeding off its scraps. To be successful in this position, you have to make life easy for the more prominent brand by being valued enough that keeping you around rather than consuming you is in its best interest. You can live comfortably as long as you don’t become a threat to the larger brand.


When building a brand, think about how you want your product to be viewed in the market and by customers. Positioning is not to be confused with marketing, which content producers do and involves what they want to sell and how they want to sell it. Positioning strategy implementation requires solid brand identity resulting from the interaction between your brand’s position, identity, and personality.

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