In the world of business and marketing, Apple product launches are known as the stuff of legend. Whenever they have a new product that’s about to be introduced to the public, they’re able to build quite the hype for it, leaving the audience and their customers anticipating what’s the next big thing that Apple will introduce. You’re probably wondering, how are they able to do that over the years?

Building hype around a new product just isn’t something that any business can do effectively, and it’s because of the many challenges they’re facing. If you want to get your customers hyped up for your new product launch, here are some steps you need to consider.

1. Ignite Their Curiosity

There’s nothing more exciting than having the chance to get a sneak peek of something new, especially if it’s something that we’re going to buy. Nowadays, it’s fairly easy to be able to find out every little detail about a new product that’s going to be released, especially on the Internet.

So, how can you use this to your advantage for your new product launch? One of the best ways to get your audience interested in your product is by leaving a few hints and clues about it on other platforms and channels. You can do this by sharing these “clues” on your social media platforms and even through linking to other blog posts that you have about your product.

2. Create Mystery Around Your Product

Now that you’ve caught the attention of your audience, leaving those small clues should be enough for now. Don’t just release all the details about your new product right away. Instead, wait until you’re ready to release them to the public.

The key to this is to create a mystery around your product so that when the time comes to release the details about it, your audience will be more interested. You can do this by releasing small tidbits of information about the product, but only about things that aren’t essential to the product. For example, don’t begin to talk about the features or how your product will be better than your competitor’s until you’re ready to release the full details about it.

3. Craft Your Launch Messaging and Assets

Not a lot of people think about this, but the perfect product launch doesn’t only depend on the product you’re launching, but it also depends on the messages you’re sending out to the public. In fact, it’s the messaging behind your product launch that will really have your customers hyped up about your product.

You need to think about the elements that you need to include in the messaging. For example, you need to consider what your audience will want to hear about the product and what they need to know about it prior to making a purchase.

4. Open Pre-Registration

Another great way to get your audience excited about your product launch is to open up pre-registration. This is something that most public figures have done before in order to get their audience members to pre-order their latest book, album, or other pieces of work that they’re about to release.

Now, you should try doing the same thing for your product launch. You can create a landing page that allows people to sign up for pre-registration, and then you can begin sharing this landing page on social media and other platforms. Once your audience members sign up, you can then ask them to share the page with their friends, which will only increase the reach of your product’s pre-registration page, and it will also get more people to sign up as well.

5. Get Ready to Launch

Once you’re ready to launch your product, it’s time to get ready with your product launch. This step is essential to the success of your product, but it’s also important to the success of your product launch.

You need to make sure that your product will work the way you say it does. It’s not uncommon for businesses to release a product and for it to not function properly. So, it’s in your best interest to make sure that your product works as you say it will. So, make sure that you have a demo version of your product so that you can show off your product to your audience and prove to them that it does work.


When you’re about to launch a new product for your business, you have to do everything you can to get your audience excited about your product. By sticking with the strategy outlined in this blog post, you should have no problem getting your audience to be super excited about your product.

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