Today, web development is one of the most in-demand industries because of the increasing dependence on the digital world. As businesses face what is being touted as the fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0, it has become essential to have a platform that establishes their presence in the digital world. 

When creating a web page for your business, your main goal is to drive traffic and translate this into revenue. Aside from thinking of a content plan and making use of marketing techniques, you need to think about UX design. This dictates how good your website will be at hitting those much-needed key performance indicators. 

5 Important UX Design Factors to Consider

When you create a UX strategy for your website, make sure you have these five pillars in mind. 

  • Aesthetics

Looks aren’t everything, but they sure do matter a lot when it comes to UX design. Part of the user experience is how easy on the eyes your website is. Although each individual may have their own design preferences, you can curate a specific brand visual that appeals to your target audience. This concerns everything from your layout to your colours, imagery, and typography. 

For your reference, studies have shown that it only takes 50 milliseconds for a person to form an opinion on a website which dictates whether or not they’ll stay.

  • Accessibility

Ease of access is an important point for digital design. You want to make sure that users don’t have a difficult time navigating your website. If it’s too confusing, takes too long to load, or doesn’t load properly on their device, there’s a huge chance they’ll simply click away.

In UX design, this means optimising the website to be easily browsable whether they are on desktop or mobile. More than simply looking good, your site needs to be functional and simple. 

  • Usability

Not to be confused with accessibility, this pertains more to how useful the site actually is. This is where you create interactions with your users and start to establish whether or not your features are actually worth clicking. This will consist of your icons, links, widgets, and any interactive element you want to incorporate into your web design.

At the end of the day, these things need to do what they were intended to do. When a user clicks a button that promises to send them to a subscription page, does it send them to the right page? If a user clicks a social media logo, does it redirect them to your social media page? These are just some of the key tests of usability you need to think about.

  • Hierarchy

This is one of the non-negotiables in UX design. You need to consider two main types here: visual and content hierarchy. These will dictate the flow of how your users move through the page and take in your content, so you need to be clear and have the right priorities.

Since the aim is conversion, you want to put the most important elements up front and make sure other areas support this. In content, this refers to how you direct the flow of information you want to bring to your users. Visually, you want to guide the user’s eye to the most important design elements.

  • Searchability

For these efforts not to go to waste, you want your website to actually be searchable. Use the right keywords in your content and make use of a UX design that doesn’t take too much of an operational load to run your site. Simplicity and efficiency are the keys to popping up on search engines like Google.


When you integrate these essential factors into your web development strategy, you’ll have a better chance at driving traffic and, more importantly, conversions. We’ve reached a point where businesses can no longer treat their online presence as an afterthought. A well-curated website is a stronghold for any business looking to survive the digital transformation.

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